Every ring has a story. Whether it was given to you as a token of your spouse's love or it was a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, I understand that your ring means the world to you. That's why I created Ringvelope.

As an actress, I often can't wear my wedding ring on stage, but I still want it close to me. Rather than worry about losing my ring, possibly misplacing it, or fearing that it will fall out of my pocket, I created a solution to all of these stresses.

Ringvelope gives you the peace of mind that your ring will always be close to you. Simply tuck your ring into the Ringvelope, fasten the button through your ring, pin it to the inside of your clothing (or inside a pocket/bag/purse/etc.) and you’re ready to go!

My goal with Ringvelope is to help you keep what’s close to your heart, close at hand.