Frequently Asked Questions

What size ring does the Ringvelope hold?

It should fit rings size 4 (14.8mm) and larger. Every ring is so different (widths, shapes, textures, etc.) it's hard to make definitive statements. It has fit every ring I've tried so far- but if for some reason yours doesn't fit, you can return it!


Can Ringvelope be washed?

Yes! I recommend hand washing it in cold water with a mild detergent. Let it air dry, but first towel off the clasp to protect the metal.


How is Ringvelope shipped?

Items are shipped using USPS, and will be mailed within 1-3 business days of your order.


What is Ringvelope's return/exchange policy?

If there is any problem with your order, please contact Ringvelope within 5 business days of receiving it and I will do my best to resolve it! Refunds and exchanges are considered on a case-by-case basis.